Victorian Silver And Glass Twelve Fluid Ounce Tankard London 1855

Heading : Victorian Silver And Glass Tankard
Date : Hallmarked in 1855 For John Wilkmin Figg of London
Period : Victoria
Origin : London; England

Decoration : Simple silver rim and terraced foot are adjoined by a scroll handle with a leaf=design thumbpiece; frosted glass is etched with a KS monogram and a heraldic crown device denoting an earl (whoever KS may have been, he should therefore be addressed as 'Lord  .........'.)
Size :  Height 11.1 cm, base diameter 10.3 cm
Condition : Excellent; three small dings and some pin-pricks to the rim; 
Restoration : None
Weight : 463 grams

Note: The capacity of this tankard is twelve fluid ounces, or three fifths of a pint - an unusual measure and one which - at the time the tankard was made - was used almost exclusively in the preparation of medicinal tinctures




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