Bohemian Iridescent Vase c1920

Heading : Bohemian Iridescent Vase
Date : c1910
Origin : Bohemia
/ Czechoslovakia
Bowl Features : A hyperboloid body-shape (akin to a slender 'cooling tower') with inwardly curving sides and a broad, flat base; iridised gold, red and green colouration over clear
Marks : None
Size : 27.7 cm in height - 13.2 cm diameter at mouth - 18.5 cm diameter to base
Condition : Excellent; no chips, cracks or flakes; there is a tiny manufacturing bobble to the rim at the mouth, some very minor scuffing to the colouration around the underside of the convex base rim and a very slight indentation around the circumference of the body two thirds of the way down - again, residual from production
Restoration : None
Weight : 1167 grams

Additional Information : An unattributed piece. However, te shape was produced by Ruckl and the high glaze oils spot type decoration very reminiscent of Loetz. Even without attribution this is simply stunning




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