Worcester Porcelain King Of Prussia near One Pint Mug - 1757

Heading : Worcester Porcelain King Of Prussia near One Pint Mug
Date : Dated 1757
Period : George II
Marks : None
Origin : Worcester, England
Colour : Monochrome black printed Robert Hancock engraving
Pattern : King of Prussia pattern, dated as above
Features : Large cylindrical mug with a grooved loop handle; contains very slightly under one full pint.
Size : 11.6cm tall by 8.5 cm in diameter 
Condition : Very good, no damage, but a little kiln-spit around the base and to the handle. A fine star crack in the glaze under the base that does not show through to the interior
Restoration : None
Weight : 320 grams

Notes : The motif showing the King's battle honours includes the initials RH - possibly for Hancock as above, and there is also an anchor at the base of the cannon's breech which is the 'rebus' for Richard Holdship, Worcester's transfer-printing guru; there is, however, another school of thought which suggests that both RH and the anchor combined signify Holdship, and that Hancock's work was singled out by the further inclusion of a cockerel device, so be aware that this distinction is not - well - black and white...

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