Moser Or Riedel Crystal Decanter Neodymium Dichroic Glass


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Heading : A rare Moser decanter or Riedel crystal decanter.
Date :
Origin :
Karlovy Vary. Now in Czech Republic
Colour :
Dichroic glass : Changing from amethyst to pale blue/green topaz subject to lighting conditions
Stopper :
Facet cut spire
Neck :
Slice cut
Body :
Stepped bell shape
Base :
Glass Type : Neodymium
Size :    cm to top of stopper
Condition : Light wear on the inderside of the base only. No chips or cracks
Restoration : Professionally cleaned
Weight :  1474 grams

The influence of the Wiener Werkstatte and designs by Josef Hoffman and clearly evident. This was made by Moser or Riedel, both produced dichroid glass designs, indeed Moser were supplied by Riedel with glass billets. The colour changes from amethyst to topaz with natural to artificual lighting.


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Weight2000 g


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