Ancient Greek Coins – Silver Drachm – 95-62BC


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Heading: Ancient Greek coins – Silver Drachm 95-62BC

Denomination: Silver drachm

Period: Ancient Greek. Classical & Hellenistic period

Date: c66 BC

Origin: Cappadocian mint

Condition: VF+. wonderful portrait

Obverse: Diademed. elderly portrait of the king. right

Reverse: Athena standing left. holding Nike. spear and shield. inscriptions read BASILEOS ARIOBARZANOY (in Greek lettering) to left and right. PHILOROMAIOY (Greek lettering). Monogram in left field. date in exergue alpha gamma = year 31.

Size and Weight: 17mm. 4.05g

References: S7302. BMC 22. Simonetta 45a

Features and Provenance: Ariobarzanes was king of Cappadocia (in Turkey) from 95BC to 62BC. His coins are very realistic. copying the style that was now popular in Rome. called verus (true) which resulted in a ‘warts and all’ portrait. This is rather fitting. as his second name (surname) is Philoromaios which means friend of Rome and they were good allies for all of his reign. His coins. and others in the eastern kingdoms. are known for their fine style and as such are sought after by collectors.

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Condition Summary. This varies with the age of coin and there are grades between

Uncirculated (U). As struck with no traces of wear

Extremely Fine (EF). Very slight traces of wear. all parts of legend etc present. visible and clear

Very Fine (VF). Some signs of wear on the higher parts of the relief. all parts of legend etc present. but maybe worn

Fine (F). Wear on the coin and parts of legend etc may be missing or not visible


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