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Roman Mn. Aquillus Silver Denarius 65BC

Denomination: Silver denarius

Period: Roman republic

Date: 65BC

Origin: Rome mint

Condition: Fine

Obverse: Helmeted and draped bust of Virtus, right, VIRTVS before, IIIVIR behind

Reverse: Warrior (Mn. Aquillius, consul in 101BC) standing facing, looking right, holding shield and raising figure of Sicilia who is slumped to left; MN AQVIL to right, MN F MN N (both MN in monogram) on left, SICIL in exergue.

Size and Weight: 20mm, 3.73g

References: Sear 336, Crawford 401/1

Features and Provenance: Mn. Aquillius is celebrating the successes of his ancestor in Sicily. 

This coin is interesting in a number of ways, the edge is serrated; a unique peculiarity of some Republican coins. Why this laborious task was carried out is not entirely clear but it does allow the owner to see inside the coin and prevents counterfeiting. 

The obverse shows Virtus, the god of courage, worth and power - considered all manly attributes at the time, but the image of Virtus seems to change throughout the Roman coinage, sometimes appearing as female and others male. Usually helmeted, with the accoutrements of Mars, some numismatists think it may even depict Minerva but this is an unpopular theory.





Condition Summary. This varies with the age of coin and there are grades in-between

Uncirculated (U). As struck with no traces of wear

Extremely Fine (EF). Very slight traces of wear, all parts of legend etc present, visible and clear

Very Fine (VF). Some signs of wear on the higher parts of the relief, all parts of legend etc present, but maybe worn

Fine (F). Wear on the coin and parts of legend etc may be missing or not visible






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