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A Pair Brass Candlesticks c1915

Heading : A pair of brass candlesticks
Date : 1910- 1920
Origin : Unknown
Size : 21.7cm tall
Condition : A nick on the rim of one capital
Restoration : None
Weight : 1200grams

High copper brass alloy candlesticks, sometimes known as abyssinian gold, have always been the "high end". They are usually difficult to date , they have been made for four centuries. Comparing the shape with contemporary silver candlesticks and dated museum examples is a good method, looking at he manufacturing method and the tell-tales this leaves in the finish also gives valuable input

The phenolic resin decoration at the centre of these sticks makes the thought process much simpler. The capitals have been made on a lathe, not cast and finished on a lathe and this indicated late 19th century at earliest. The drip pans have a scalloped edge, again machine made. The columns are Doric neoclassical, a style adopted in Georgian England upon return from the "grand tour" and also back in vogue in the early 20th century.

The terraced feet have also been made on a lathe. The moulded phenolic knops must be made after 1907. The Georgian "revival" had lost its popular appeal by 1920. Thus our best guess is 1910-1920


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