A Whitefriars Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Facet Cut Paperweight 1977

Heading : A Whitefriars Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Paperweight 1977   
Date : 1977
Origin : England

Features : A central complex millefiori " Crown " cane on a bed on canes with complex 1952 and 1977 complex canes within a fact cut weight

Marks : Whitefriars mok canes and other complex canes
Type : Lead
Size : 7.1cm diameter
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 535g

As we rapidly approach the celebration the seventy years of dedicated and selfless service to this nation and the commonwealth we wish her majesty to accept our sincere thanks. God Save The Queen.

We will donate the entire proceeds of sale to The Royal British Legion.

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