Roemer Glass – 17th Century Dutch Or German c1670


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Heading : Roemer glass – 17th Century Dutch Or German c1670
Date : 1660-1680 according to Henkes methodology. The V and A state 1650-1700
Origin : Germany or Netherlands
Colour : Iron green
Bowl : Tulip shaped
Stem : Hollow with two rows of raspberry prunts
Foot : Fused coil glass thread.
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Wald glass
Size : 17cm tall.  6cm bowl and 5cm foot
Condition : There is a small (3x1mm) chip to the footstring
Restoration : None
Weight :  105 grams

A remarkably similar example may be found within the Victoria and Albert. museum No  C.295-1936

This is the largest example that we have offered for sale.


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