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Large Ancient Footed Glass Bottle Eastern Mediterranean 4th to 9th Century

Heading : Ancient Glass Bottle, Possibly Islamic/Syrian 4th-9th Century
Date : 4-9 century AD
Origin :
Eastern Mediterranean, modern day Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel
Colour : Green
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Soda
Size : Height 8.8cm,  base diameter 7cm

Condition : Age related patination, no obvious chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :240 grams  

The art of blowing glass evolved in Syria in the 1st century BC. The most memorable summary that accurately describes how far the Islamic world had advanced compared to the western world was delivered by Alec Guiness in the film Lawrence of Arabia.

In this particular instance he referred to street lighting, it could have been law, mathematics, medicine, steel manufacture, distillation (including alcohol), oil extraction, universities, astronomy,navigational tools, soap, ... all achieved whilst "you we were still painting yourselves blue".


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