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eBay Stock

ScottishAntiques.com  always has a small subset of its stock for sale on eBay. Scottishantiques is our eBay trading name. You may also buy these items directly from our own web site. The items shown in this page are only potential or current auction items

You will find that prices on our web site are always below that given for the same item on auction and dealer sites including eBay which may truly be the self proclaimed "shop window to the world" but it is a very costly one, and when coupled with PayPal charges combined fees can account for 14% +  of the gross transaction including postage. We always increase prices on all items on eBay to reflect the fees payable. Thus an item for sale on our web site for £100 will be offered for sale on eBay for £116.27 minimum, which after fees results in a £100 net sale. The same rules apply to postage costs, £10 postage packing and inurance cost on our website equates to £11.63 on eBay.

This will also go some way to explaining why we rarely exhibitantiques of high on eBay. The inflationary spiral caused by their fee structure is prohibitive. You may sell a £5000 car on eBay for just £15. A £5000 antique would cost £813 in fees. Many people complain that eBay is full of junk, this need not be the case if they revise their fee structure

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