An Engraved Victorian Gaming Tumbler 1850-75


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Heading : An engraved Victorin gaming tumbler
Period : Victoria 1850-75
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Decagon cut shaped body with hollow base containing three dice and engraved with Pugilists BF 1795
Pontil : Sand polished pontil
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  10.2cm height.  8.5cm diameter bowl. 7.7cm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight:  452grams 

This is lead glass and will not have been made in Bohemia and imported. The gentlemen are engaged in a “Boxing Fight” as it was known under the “London rules”. It was not until The Marquess of Queensbury sponsored a new set of rules that required the use of gloves that boxing became a favourite of the upper classes.

“Bare Knuckle” boxing is still legal in the UK. some is undertaken in a ring with ropes. otherwise it is simply a ring scraped in the ground in a field usually behind a pub. This traditional sport is still active across the country and within our fine Romany and Traveller communities.



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