Battle of The Boyne Williamite Wine Glass c1890


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Heading : Battle of the Boyne commemorative wine glass
Period : Victoria
Origin : Probably Dublin
Colour : Clear
Bowl :
Conical – engraved with Kind William on horseback with the words “The Glorious Memory of King William – No Surrender” and to the reverse “Boyne 1st June 1690 T.C.S.C”
Stem : Shoulder collars and annulated knop – tapering plain middle section.
Foot : Folded conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  15.7cm height. 6.5cm diameter bowl. 7.5cm diameter foot
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight: 176 grams

References :

Glasses of this type are attributable to Franz Tieze. a Bohemian engraver working at Potters Alley in Dublin. For those not in the know the famous song “The Sash” refers to the 12th as the date of the Battle of the Boyne and the glass the 1st. This is due to the Gregorian calendar switch which occured in the United Kingdom in 1752. Before this the Twelfth had been used to celebrate the Battle of Aughrim

The sash in the song refers to the Orangemen’s sashes worn on the Twelfth to commemorate the Williamite victories in Ireland during the Glorious Revolution. These glasses were made around the turn of the 20th century for Orange Lodges to commemorate the bicentenary of the victory.

An identical example was sold by Lyon and Turnbull lot 512 on 31st January 2018 for £750

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