Set of Six Thomas Webb Wine Glasses and Two Lion Mask Carafes - c1885

Heading : Set of Six Thomas Webb Wine Glasses and Two Carafes
Period : Victoria c1885
Origin : Stourbridge, England
 : Has a very pale green hue
 : Globe-shaped carafes with an integral, cylindrical foot and neck; applied top down handle with Webb's signature lion-mask prunt at the base; applied collar enclosing two cobalt blue spiral twists, and a matching (colour) rim; engraved with a band of grapes and vine leaves emanating from a central, bound fascio. Glasses have straight-sided bucket bowls with slightly everted, blue edged rims; slender barley-twist stems containing two cobalt spirals to match the carafe decoration; they also have the same engraving as the carafes; flat, blue-edged feet with snapped and/or polished pontils
Glass Type : Lead.
Size : Carafe 21.7 cm high x 12.25 cm diameter at widest point; glasses 10.9 cm high x 7.4 cm in diameter
Condition : Excellent; no cracks or flakes; one glass has a tiny burst bubble right on the blue edge of its foot-rim; one carafe has a small chip or gouge to the handle.
Restoration : None.
Weight : 1284 grams in total 

Note : These pieces come from a period in the latter part of the 19th century when it was popular to reproduce Venetian glassware; this followed the publication of Ashley Pellatt's seminal work Curiosities Of Glass Making, which detailed many secrets formerly known only to the Italian glass-masters.


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