An Early Tavern Penny Gin Glass c1830

Heading : An Early Tavern Gin Glass
Period : George III- Victoria 1810- 1850
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear, deep grey blue hue. This glass has been doped to remove to remove any green tinges
Bowl : Slice cut round funnel
Stem : Baluster stem
Foot : High conical
Pontil : Polished. There are traces of the iron from the punty within the pontil scar
Glass Type : Lead free
Size :  11.2cm height,  5.4cm diameter bowl, 5.8cm diameter foot 
Condition : No chips or cracks.
Restoration : The rim of the foot has been polished
Weight:  93grams 

By the late Regency and early Victorian period gin was back in favour. The population of London increased from 1.4M to 2.8M between the census of 1831 and 1861. Overcrowding, poverty, criminality, vice and despair, in the same slums and "rookeries" as the first gin craze.

This glass is probably a "Two Penny Gin", a higher capacity than the more common 'Penny Gin'. A measure would cost but a penny or two, however spirit measures were non standard and the unscrupulous took advantage of their clientele.

We are currently in the grip of the third gin craze, weights and measures are highly regulated, however, prices are not. We were sent a bar menu with a single shot of gin infused with gold leaf and ambergris selling for £18, empirical evidence that the bubble is still inflating. 



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