Extravagantly Cut Glass Roemer - Friedrich Egermann - Haida - c1840

Heading : Extravagantly Cut Glass Roemer - Friedrich Egermann
Period : c1840
Origin : Blottendorf or Haida - now Novy Bor in the Czech Republic 
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Cup-shaped; extravagantly cut with contiguous pyramidal facets interspersed with hexagonal 'cabochons' that are adorned with strawberry cutting and small circular lenses; larger pyramid shapes have had their apex sliced off and the resultant triangular face has linear cuts; different parts of the design have Egermann's signature glass-staining colouration applied in blue, green and cranberry - with a single flat hexagon given an amber finish; the upper 10mm are polished flat all round to create a more user-friendly rim; can certainly be attributed to Egermann's workshop, if not definitively to the man himself.
Stem : Substantial, slice cut hexagonal pillar with the upper facets of each side stained cranberry
Foot  : Circular; cut to a broad vertical edge, with the underside having a myriad of four sided pyramids and hexagonal facets with linear crosshatching over its whole surface; various elements coloured as above
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  16.2 cm height,  cm 8.5 diameter bowl, 8.7 cm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks; there are a great many 'peaks' to the cut pattern, and a few of these high points have some grazes; there are also a few small nicks to a number of the straight facet-edges.
Restoration : None 
Weight:  757 grams 

Additional Information : The Egermann glassworks was founded in the 1800’s by Friedrich Egermann in Novy Bor. Egermann glass ranges are diverse, cut, etched and stained glass and enamelled glassware in a panolpy of colours. This popular style of flashed glass became a characteristic of Nový Bor production. They also invented Lithyalin glass in 1829 which has the appearance of opaque semi precious stone.


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