Monumental Serving Rummer Engraved for The Independent Order of Odd Fellows c1835

Heading : Monumental Serving Rummer Engraved for Am The Independent Order of Odd Fellows 
Period : Victorian
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Very large bucket bowl with intricate engraving; this features an heraldic crest for The Independent Order of Odd Fellows - a tierced shield with three different human faces (one of whom is smoking a pipe) below a scroll bearing the motto UPON MY HONOR, a torse and a heart-in-hand, which is symbolic of charitable giving; the shield's supporters are a figure holding a scythe, standing next to a hourglass, which is the common, post-classical conflation of the gods Cronus and Chronos - respectively deities of the harvest and the passage of time; the other - holding a fruiting vine, and standing next to a drinking vessel, is Bacchus.

Below these elements is a further scroll with the motto QUI RIDES meaning "who laughs"; to both sides of the crest there are fruiting vines with their obligatory leaves, tendrils and bunches of grapes; on the reverse, a "stag lodged regardant, collared and chained", or - in layman's terms - laying down looking backwards. This may be alluding to the Noble Order, or Society, of Bucks, but as the attitude of the buck or stag bears no relation to the heraldic devices of either association, it is probably more likely to be associated with the person whose initial - JK - are writ large on either side of the image; the collar and chain infer that the person or organisation represented is fettered by an obligation to either serve - or rule. This image is placed below a bell which, given the American association of the IOOF may simply be the 'Liberty Bell', of such historic significance to our Colonial brethren; examples of the same basic design of the heraldic crest have been noted alongside the Odd Fellows motto "Amicitia Amor et Veritas" (Friendship, Love and Truth), and further examples - on ceramics and silverware - with the motto below subtly altered to "QUID RIDES" meaning "what are you laughing at ?", again with further changes to the composition of the crest.

Stem : Capstan,with a flattened, round medial ring and two less-substantial annular collar-rings at the top 
Foot : Low, domed
Pontil : Broad and polished
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  23.4 cm height,16.5 cm diameter bowl,14.0 cm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips, cracks or flakes; minor inclusions and small bubbles to bowl and foot, with mossing to the underside of the foot. 
Restoration : None 
Weight:  1911 grams 



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