A Victorian Gilded Sherry Decanter Bottle c1840


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Heading : A Victorian cut gilded and engraved sherry gin palace decanter
Date :
Period :
Origin :
Colour :
Clear with gilded decoration.
Stopper :
Radial cut mushroom stopper
Neck :
Slice cut with applied neck ring above slice cut shoulder
Body :
Slice cut cylinder with gilded cartouche. s
herry in clear banded by gilded vines
Base :
16 point star cut base
Glass Type : Lead
Size :    31cm to top of stopper
Condition : No chips or cracks . excellent mossing on the base
Restoration : None
Weight :  1415 grams

This tavern decanter was made for one of the so called ‘Gin Palaces” . These were lavishly decorated drinking establishments with considerably more finesse than the dramshops and taverns on the early 19th century. A number o these still exist and if you ever get the opportunity then the Viaduct Tavern on Holborn. London is a must see.

Such establishments were not supplied with bottles direct from distillers and brewers. There were numerous merchants who would supply the trade. These bottles were intended to be refilled. This presented opportunities for both the merchant and landlord to “cut the contents” with water. Watering down was so rife that weights and measures acts had to be enforced. They still are being enforced today. I recall Wetherspoons being acquitted of such charges several years ago…

By the 1870s such bottles were being branded to advertise the still watered down contents of specific distillers.




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