19th Century Nailsea Glass Serving Bottle c1860

Heading : 19th century Nailsea clear glass serving bottle with white trailing
Date : c1860
Period Victorian
Origin :
Colour Cased clear glass with white internal trailing
Body Features :
 Pulled internal trailing; clear applied annular neck ring 
Pontil : Snapped
Glass type : Lead
Size : 28.9cm tall (no stopper); 78mm diameter to base
Condition : Excellent; no chips or cracks; some very small inclusions which have slightly discoloured two of the white trails - rather characterful ! Lacking a cork
Restoration : None
Weight : 553 grams

Additional Information : 

The Nailsea Glassworks were established in premises near to Bristol in 1788, by John Robert Lucas. Having stated that he wished to dispose of his former business - the provision of beers, cider and bottles - he determined to produce crown and bottle glass; his workforce, however, proved to be far more creative than being restricted to these utilitarian commodities, and also produced domestic and creative pieces, trinkets and trifles, collectively known as 'friggers' as a lucrative sideline.

The manufacture of this style of item was not, however, restricted to Lucas's company, and similarly-skilled workers at glasshouses from Stourbridge to Sunderland, to Alloa and Forfar in Scotland made other pieces of the same nature. The name 'Nailsea' has, however, become the generic term for such items, but does not infer their specific source in any way. That said the mere fact that this is a functional bottle gives this a higher probability of being Nailsea made than other items

Reference: Nailsea Glass (Keith Vincent 1975)



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