Scottish Quarter Gill & English Half Gill Spirit Measures c1870

Heading : Scottish Quarter Gill & English Half Gill Spirit Measures
Period : Victorian
Origin : England & Scotland 
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : English - bulbous round, moulded form;  Scottish - pillar moulded
Neck : English - bulbous collar under short, flared neck;  Scottish - applied bulbous collar under flaring neck
Pontil : Both polished 
Glass Type : Lead 
Size : English - 96mm high x 81mm diameter;  Scottish - 96mm high x 70mm diameter
Condition : Very good, no chips or cracks; English version has internal scratches to the bowl where the contents has been stirred
Restoration : None 
Weight : English - 293g;  Scottish - 244g
Notes: Both versions have incised fill-lines just under the rim. This will put an end to generous 'home measures', ideal for unwanted guests during the festive season

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