Two Victorian Tavern Measures A Three Quarter Gill and Half Gill

Heading :  Two Victorian Spirit or Wine Tavern Measures - Three Quarter Gill and Half Gill
Period : 
Origin : 
Colour : 
Description : 
Half gill - pillar moulded: tapering, flared neck with round rim over applied collar; three quarter gill - waisted body with narrow slice cuts; flared neck under round rim with incised fill mark; petal-cut to the shoulder of the body
Base : moulded - plain and polished
Glass Type : Lead.
Size :   half gill - 12.7 cm tall; 8.6cm diameter at widest point; three quarter gill - 13.6 cm tall; 7.42cm diameter at widest point

Condition: both with bubble and mineral/clinker inclusions throughout - especially to the neck of the half-gill measure, which also has half a dozen tiny nibbles around the rim

Restoration : None
Weight :  1014 grams combined





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