A Battle Of The Boyne Commemorative Serving Rummer c1890


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Heading : A Battle of Boyne Commemorative Serving Rummer c1890
Date : Victoria c1890
Origin :
England or Ireland ( Possibly Potters Alley Dublin)
Bowl Features :
Engraved In Glorious Memory Of King William’ With a portrayal of William riding a horse *. The opposite is engraved ‘Boyne 1St July 1690’. set within a foliate cartouche.
Marks : None
Type : Lead glass
Size : Height 29.1cm bowl 14.5 foot 14.3
Condition : Excellent.no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight : 1531grams

Additional Information : Franz Tieze was a bohemian engraver based in Dublin at the end on the 19th century working out of the Potters Alley Glass works. As a highly talented engraver he supplied engraved glasses and goblets categorised as ‘historicist’ into a market hungry for glasses commemorating the Irish Volunteers and Williamite glass. Possibly his workmanship or one within the same factory

* William did not ride Sorrel – his beloved white horse – at the Boyne. He did not purchase Sorrell until late 1696. It was Sorrell that tripped over the mole hill in 1702 and the mole became celebrated in Jacobite circles as the ‘man in the velvet suit’ .The portrayal of William on a white horse is based on the painting of the event by Benjamin West. dating to almost 100 years after the event. with a degree of artistic license being used to portray the King on his favourite mount. Contemporary reports of the battle are non-specific with regard to the colour or name of the horse in question – suffice to say that marking oneself obvious on the battlefield by riding a white steed would not be the most sensible approach for a King.

It should also be noted that the date of the battle as shown on the rummer – 1st July – is that which would have been used prior to 1752. when the adoption of the Gregorian calendar and the consequent 10-day realignment was formally ratified in the United Kingdom and the anniversary of the battle is now celebrated on the 12th


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