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A Novelty Amethyst Glass Spririt Kettle Decanter

Heading : An amethyst glass kettle decanter
Date : c1870-1920
Period : Victoria- George V
Origin : English
Colour : Deep amethyst
Stopper : Mushroom
Neck : A flared and ground nect
Body : Domed with spout and handle with lower cushion attachment and pointed spade upper attachment
Base : Moulded low kick base
Glass Type : Lead

Size : 17cm tall with a 27cm bowl and 18cm foot  
Condition : Very good some minor nibbles on rim of the neck, some loss to gilding.
Restoration : None
Weight :  1330grams

Additional Information : When is a teapot not a teapot ? When its a kettle. Glass teapots are known from the 18th century, the earliest we have seen being a facet cut example within the V&A dating to around 1780. I remember pyrex teapots in the 70s and have seen many a modern example that enable you to observe the tea mashing if you have the time.

This is not a teapot. Firstly the neck is too narrow, how would this ever be cleaned ? There is no vent in the glass, if this were a teapot then steam would have to escape via the neck and the stopper is heavy and ground to promote a better seal. The spout is also set very low on the body.

If this had been used for tea then there is no evidence of staining and limescale/ water damage. Silver spirit kettles had a burner beneath them to keep the contents warm. The contents for which this was devised will keep anyone warm without heating.

Styles remained relatively consistent in items made from porcelain and silver and glass and silver. We cannot recall seeing any earthenware , porcelain or jasperware teapots of this form. The handle was applied "bottom up" and this is not found on glassware until the second half of the 19th century. The glass is "clean" and contains very few inclusions another indicator of a later date. The neck (spigot) has been pushed into the body, there are tooling marks on the neck and also the stopper. Was this an apprentice piece or a frigger ?

This will certainly present a good talking point at the dining table !







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