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A Georgian Medicinal Leech Jar

Heading : A Georgian leech jar 
Period : Victoria
Date : Early 19th century
Colour : Clear
Bowl : with folded rim
Pontil : Snapped
Size :   11.5cms tall, 11.5cms diameter
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 230g

The hardwood cover has been added. It would have been covered with muslin, this is simply a decorative addition

Additional Information : An oddity for the 19th century glass or medical collection or simply a good conversation piece. A leech jar with its distinctive wide, folded lip. Smaller than the more elaborate porcelain jars of period apothecary shops from which the leeches would be transferred.

Jars such as this one were have been kept by the apothecary who would have provided smaller examples to hold your purchased leeches and sealed with a piece of gauze tied over the mouth to facilitate the passage of air and preventing escape of the precious leeches. This will keep your leech good condition and ready for a bloodletting for months without further attention. The ideal pet!

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