The Collectors Exchange

The "Collectors Exchange" is a service provided by Scottish Antiques to clients and collectors. The items for sale in this section are already in our possession and being sold on behalf of a client.

We cannot claim credit for the concept. In the summer of 2013 one of our very good clients passed away. The executor of the estate had taken his glass collection to be valued and sold at their local auction house. Prior to committing the collection for sale an old invoice from Scottish Antiques was located and we were contacted. We valued the collection at almost four times that given by the auction house and the realisation was marginally higher. We did not charge the buyers a premium and our total charges including disbursements were less than half that proposed by the auctioneer.

Another collector in London has frequently asked us to help adjust his collection, effectively to assist with "swapping" one piece for another as he fine-tunes his collection. In all cases items are deposited with us prior to sale, reserve prices must be agreed with our "exchange" client and the transaction is made totally transparent.

All glass that we sell on behalf of clients must be in our possession to be authenticated, photographed and catalogued prior to sale and onward delivery

Please contact us for details and rates.

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