Antique Sterling Silver And Metalwares

There are few decorative homewares that make the same instant impression as a fine piece of silver. For centuries people have been obsessed with the brilliance of the precious metal with its mirror like surface giving it an unrivalled eye catching quality. 

Peruse our stock list for a range of silver Georgian candlesticks and chambersitcks for your lighting needs, both in the dining room and the bedroom. They are both extremely decorative and durable, qualities they share with our range of decorative items ranging from picture frames to cigarette cases. 

For the more extravagant customer, wishing to revel in 18th century decadence, we have some extraordinary pieces of antique silver tableware including salvers, cruet sets, salt and pepper shakers, and flatware. If one were so inclined they could create an entirely Georgian dining table if they wished to combine our range of silverware with our Georgian porcelain... 

For our beer drinking friends we have a fantastic range of silver and pewter tankards ranging from early Georgian examples to the 20th century. We have even been known to stock some antique Scandinavian wooden tankards.

On the subject of drinking we also have a wide range of wine antiques to excite anyone with an interest in either the drink or antique silver. Given our reputation for Georgian wine glasses it is hardly surprising that we stock an exceptionally wide range of accompanying accoutrements of widely differing ages and uses. Combining utility and beauty our range of corkscrews, claret jugs, coasters, and much more will surely satisfy any oenophile. 

Last, but not least, we come to that most quintessentially British of items: tea sets. For a more in depth look at the history of tea in this country I encourage you to look at the tea set section. Here it will be suffice to say we have all of your tea, coffee, and hot chocolate needs covered. Teapots, coffeepots, sugar bowls, and chocolate pots to name but a few.

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