Set of Four Jacobite Engraved Flutes c1935

Heading : Set of four 20th century Georgian style Jacobite wine glasses
Period :  George V - c1935
Origin : Hill Ousten, Birmingham, England 
Colour : Clear, good grey tone and tool marks on the rim
Bowl : Waisted bell - Engraved with a rose open and closed buds and the motto 'Fiat'. The engraving varies and doesn't exactly match any of the original Jacobite engravers, although they were obviously the template
Foot : Folded conical 
Pontil : Snapped 
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  20.2cm height, 7.4cm diameter bowl, 8.9cm diameter foot
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight: 1075 grams 

These are Georgian replicas produced by Hill Ouston c1935. Their range of Georgian style glasses was so well made that many are now available on the market and being sold as the genuine article. We do not believe that they themselves intended to deceive however and were simply paying homage to the great history of British glass making. So faithful are these glasses to the originals that they would fool all but the most experienced of collectors and reputable dealers. Copper wheel engraved, faithful Jacobite symbology, they have it all, except age.

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