Worcester Sauce Boat with 'Two Porters' Landscape Pattern c1770

Heading : Worcester Sauce Boat with 'Two Porters' Landscape Pattern

Date : 1760-80
Period : George III
Marks : Open crescent
Origin : Worcester, England                                                                                                         
Pattern : Two Porter Landscape - Variant 1 as catalogued below
Colour : Underglaze blue 
Features : Moulded soft paste porcelain sauce boat, scrolling, convolute mouldings around a flat, three-lobed reserve and with scalloped rims
Size : 7.2 cm tall by 14.0 cm in length
Condition : Excellent; no chips, cracks or flakes; a little sporadic kiln-spit and some pin-prick holes to the glaze; the handle - though completely undamaged - has been mounted a little askew and - in fact - the whole body is some way from being entirely symmetrical as if there was a degree of slumping in the early stages of firing
Restoration : None
Weight : 113 grams


Reference : Worcester Blue & White Porcelain 1751-90 (Brayan, French and Sandon 1989) page128 - pattern IB 31





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