A 17th Century Leather Jack or Blackjack Drinking Vessel

Heading : A 17th Century Jack or Blackjack Drinking Vessel
Date : c1685
Origin : English

Bowl Features : No obvious decoration

Marks : None
Type : This is a glorious example of a 'standard' four-piece drinking jack, an example of a type dating back to medieval times - see below
Size : 18.6 cm high - 17.0 cm wide from the base to the back of the handle - 10.9 cm diameter at the base
Condition : Excellent; no damage, parted seams or degraded stitches - just the patina and wear you'd expect of such a thing
Restoration : None
Weight : 476 grams

Additional Information : Jacks of this type are wonderfully evocative of their time. The name is believed to be derived from the Middle French word 'jaquet' (a common source for 'jacket') - a simple piece of clothing, generally tied around the waist and flaring out over the hips - which had a similar, tapering profile to the drinking jacks. The vessels are made from four parts - the main body and integral handle pieces, a roughly circular base, and the handle and base 'fillers' which were sandwiched between the matching elements on the body during manufacture; all would have been laboriously hand-pierced and sewn, having been formed around a wooden infill, and then made waterproof by the application of pine-tar, bees wax, resin, naturally occurring pitch, tallow, or a mixture of some of all of these. This coating would darken as it dried, turning the jack black - hence the alternative name. It's possibly to discern the three-ply construction of the handle and base rim under relatively cursory inspection.




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