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British Coins

British coins offer both outstanding investment and historic value to the collector. Great Britain has produced a wide array of coins over the years and they continue to be immensely popular. From the humble one pence piece to the heptagonal 20 pence and 50 pence coins and the new Great British pound coin, we still have outstanding coins in circulation.

We here at Scottish Antiques, however, offer for sale coins long since withdrawn from circulation, worth nothing as legal tender but with a great deal of historic value, interest and in the case of gold coins intrinsic value . We stock British coinage ranging from ancient Celtic coins, and hammered coins, made long before the United Kingdom was formed. There are some 18th to 20th century examples of half sovereigns and gold sovereigns for investment purposes. The coins' designs have changed a great deal over the years and show the extraordinary development of both design and minting capabilities.

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