Chelsea Derby Porcelain Dessert Plate c1775

Heading : Chelsea Derby Porcelain Dessert Plate c1765
Date : c1775
Period : George III
Marks : none
Origin : made - Chelsea; decorated - Derby
Colour : white base with polychrome enamels and gilt decoration
Pattern : an extravagant bird amongst bushes to the foreground with another perched in a nearby tree; lobed and shaped rim with pairs of moulded quatrefoils in arched reserves; puce painted petals with gilt centres; edged with blue and yellow partial flowers with gilding to the outer rim; a faint barley-twist mould to the edge between cavetto and lip

Condition : Good; polychrome bright with very few scratches; body in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or flakes; a single underglaze inclusion to the underside of the well; gilding to the outside rim worn away to 25% of the circumference
Restoration : none
Dimensions : 21.4 cm in diameter - 2.6 cm in height
Weight : 303 grams

References: A similarly-decorated dish from the same service is shown on the V&A website here accession number 2913-1901




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