A Pair of Tunbridge Ware Book Ends with Butterly And Mosaic Design

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Pair of Book Ends
Date : Latter part of the 19th century
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells

Decoration : End panels decorated with a mosaic image within a geometric border - one of a butterfly and one an abstract geometric pattern; this combination can often be seen on book-slides, even though it may seem a little odd
Size :  10.7 cm high x 24.1 cm in length
Condition : Excellent, one vertical external face is somewhat lighter than the other, almost certainly due to sun-bleaching but it can be seen from the colouration of the internal faces that these are a matching pair; this is borne out by the hinges on each piece bearing identical manufacturers stamps; the lacquer is a little patchy in places and a corner of one of the bases has been broken off, 6 to 8mm from the apex.
Restoration : None
Weight :  396 grams

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