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Irish Cut Glass Standing Bowl c1820

Heading : Irish glass standing bowl
Date : c1820
Period : George III
Origin : Cork, Ireland
Colour : Clear
Rim : Turned-over with a band of split cuts
Bowl : Cup bowl with a band of husk cuts
Stem : Capstan
Foot : Square with a lemon squeezer base
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 14.8cm tall and 16.5cm in diameter
Condition : Some scratches to the bowl from use
Restoration : None
Weight : 1304 grams

Additional Information : See ‘Irish Glass by Phelps Warren‘.  This piece can be attributed Cork as the cutting characteristics suggest, note the alternate prisms to the inverted rim and the large hollow facets to the body. In particular this piece exhibits the style of ‘soft’, flat cutting associated with Cork Glass Co. See pages 187 & 124/125 plate 86. You can also see an example of this bowl within 'Irish Glass' by Mary Boydell on plate 24, and 'English & Irish Glass' by W.A. Thorpe on page 31 plate B 

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